Megabyte : Expert in IT security for businesses

Trust us ! You won’t regret it …

Megabyte has more than 25 years’ experience in IT management and excellent references in different areas.

Over the years we have learned that the security of your IT system is crucial. We often encounter leaks and problems that might have been avoided with good advice.

Avoid a disaster by choosing one of our IT security solutions for your company !

Your company has crucial data that needs proper protection.

Data loss would have a strong impact on your business and recovery (if possible) could take weeks.

It is crucial to choose a security solution that will protect your IT system and your data.

For over 25 years, Megabyte has been an expert in IT management for businesses. We offer solutions that fit to your needs and infrastructure.

After 25 years’ experience, we have acquired a strong expertise regarding IT management.

Choose one or more IT security solutions for businesses !
We can handle any of the following security features. This will allow you to work effectively without having to worry.

  • UPS,
  • Antivirus,
  • Firewall,
  • Backup,
  • Internal access security,
  • Anti-spam,
  • Web control,
  • CCTV,
  • DRP,
  • Etc.

We offer you IT security hardware and software solutions made to measure, sound advice and a daily follow-up.

Why are we the perfect partner for IT security for your company ?

  • Excellent Customer Support and Hotline
  • Our experts know your activities and needs. They are there to help you

Do you need more information about IT Security in your company ? Do not hesitate !