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Monitoring and analysing your web data is essential if you want to improve your site for even better results. Google Analytics is widely regarded as a trustworthy web analytics platform. This service offers numerous parameters which will allow you to audit, monitor and improve the performance of your website. Discover the main key performance indicators that you should follow regularly.


Monitoring the number of visitors on your website is important because it allows you to measure the performance of your digital marketing strategy. Keep in mind that large website traffic does not automatically mean that your strategy is effective. It is always possible that your visitors are not your target audience. In order to understand this indicator, you will also need to consider other factors which we will discuss here below.


One of the main key performance indicators is the average time a visitor stays on your website. Long sessions mean that your site has a high engagement rate. They also provide a real referral boost, since Google uses the average session duration as a way of ranking your site in its search results.


Bounce rate refers to the ratio between the number of users that exit your website after viewing one page, and the total number of visitors. This indicator also provides the percentage of users who visit one page and leave without consulting another page. The most common reasons for this behaviour are a slow loading page, an unsatisfactory navigation experience or a bad first impression.


The conversion rate is the percentage of users who perform an action during their visit to your website, or shortly thereafter. The action can be a purchase, a subscription, sharing your web content, etc. This indicator informs you on the success rate of your conversion objectives. A high rate means that your strategy is working.


This KPI shows you which web pages and sections are visited most often. This information can help you to evaluate the value of your texts, videos, images, etc. It will also help you to understand the interests of your visitors. As a result, you will have the opportunity to improve the quality of your web content but also to produce content targeted at your users.


Knowing the geographical location of your visitors is also a must. Google Analytics allows you to see the country or even the city where your users are located. Why is this kind of information useful ? Because it allows you to come up with a local marketing strategy. If you want your web content to have a real impact, it needs to be personalized in function of your target’s country and region.


Nowadays, most internet users visit websites with a smartphone, a tablet or another mobile device. Google Analytics identifies the kind of device that is used to reach your website. It splits traffic in three segments : desktops/laptops, mobiles and tablets. This tool (developed by Google) can even tell you the brand and model of the device, or which operating system and web browser was used.

It is important to analyse this kind of information. It will help you to determine whether you lost some potential customers because your website was not optimized for their device. You can then make the necessary adjustments to avoid the same problem in the future. The ideal solution is to create a responsive website : a website that adapts itself to the specific needs of any device. This will offer a perfect user experience to all visitors.

Simply put, these key performance indicators offer you valuable information about your website and your visitors. Use those KPIs to optimize your website and to offer targeted web content.

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