Time to start using royalty-free photos!

images libres de droits

You risk legal action if you use a copyrighted picture from the internet for your website or logo without obtaining permission.
That is reason enough to start using royalty-free photos if you want to avoid being fined.

We have compiled a list of databases full off royalty-free images. Most of them can even be used without the need for registration.


      • CEPOLINA: here you can find more than 16 000 free images in 1 400 categories.
      • CREATIVITY 103: an extensive library of high resolution images and backgrounds.
      • EVERYSTOCKPHOTO: approximately 5 million royalty-free pictures which can be searched via tags or key words. This is one of the leading search engines for royalty-free images.
      • FLICKR: the largest sharing community for amateur photographers. A very large number of images are royalty-free.
      • FOTER: has about 19 million royalty-free images.
      • FOTOLIA: several million high resolution pictures. You only need a few clicks to find an appropriate image.
      • FREEDIGITALPHOTOS: boasts a stunning interface and high-quality images.
      • FREEFOTO: a database with approximately 130 000 pictures, divided into more than 3 500 categories. Simple but high-quality photos.
      • UK: a collection of several thousand free images.
      • FREE PIXEL: a collection of high-quality pictures. Browse using a simple navigation or the extensive thematic list.
      • FREE PHOTOS BANK: this may not be the largest database around, but it contains some very interesting pictures.
      • FREERANGESTOCK: database with several thousand high-resolution pictures.
      • FREE STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY: the images are divided into thematic tables and some have been edited with Photoshop.
      • IMAGEAFTER: here you can download free images and backgrounds.
      • LIBRESHOT: a collection of pictures taken by the photographer Martin Vorel who is offering them free of charge.
      • LOSTANDTAKEN: a large number of free high-resolution and high-quality backgrounds.
      • MORGUEFILE: approximately 330 000 images with different subjects.
      • OPEN PHOTO: a sharing-database which has been offering beautiful pictures since 1998. Perfectly subdivided.
      • PEXELS: here you can find high-quality pictures, which are rotated on a daily basis.
      • PHOTOGEN: Many royalty-free pictures in several categories.
      • PHOTORACK: easy to find pictures because of a simple category/subcategory structure.
      • PIKWIZARD: a powerful search engine that offers a large selection of royalty-free pictures.
      • PIXABAY: you need to register to download some files, but this high-quality database contains more than 310 000 pictures and illustrations.
      • PUBLIC DOMAIN IMAGES: more than 22 000 public domain pictures.
      • UNPROFOUND : allows you to sort pictures by colour.
      • XCHNG: a database of more than 300 000 pictures.
      • STOCKVAULT: a site where you can view and download 52 000 images.
      • WIKIMEDIA COMMONS : this is the largest database with more than 20 million royalty-free images.