Ever wondered what your workspace will be like in the near future ? A pen that measures your stress or an office table that records your meetings … Discover the innovations that will soon make their way to an office near you.

Pencils that measure your stress

Ever heard of a pencil that can help you measure your stress levels ? A company from Dubai has produced a test that allows you to calculate this. The yellow pencil turns orange in the hands of a stressed person.

The pencil contains a sensor that can register sweaty hands, tremors, changes in temperature and other physical signs. You immediately get the result : either you are stressed or you are not.

The pencil that can help you measure your stress levels


Who doesn’t dream of having a workspace where you can take a power nap ? Unfortunately most companies don’t have a … CalmSpace nap pod. CalmSpace offers you the possibility to relax for 10 to 20 minutes in the middle of your open space. The pod comes with a light system that is designed to help you sleep and wake up. A bedroom for those tired colleagues …

Relax for 10 minutes in the CalmSpace

Intelligent tables

Another useful and surprising invention is the Listening Table, an augmented piece of furniture that records and manages all conversations. Maybe the walls don’t have ears but this table does ! This intelligent table was developed by the R&D lab of the New York Times. Special software records the conversations and later processes the information.

During the recorded meeting all participants can indicate which subjects are important to them. At the end of the meeting the table will deliver a detailed summary based on the specifications entered by the participants.

Intelligent Table records the conversations and later processes the information

Wifi Cold Spot

Do you have problems concentrating ? Are you disturbed by notifications on your smartphone ? Does radiation bother you ? If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then this invention might just improve your working environment. This strange container is called a Wifi Cold Spot and blocks all networks and radiation for a short period of time. Enough to take a nap without being disturbed.

Wifi Cold Spot and blocks all networks and radiations

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