Software for backing up on magnetic tapes is THE solution for IT backup for businesses.

Your company and your IT system contain vital information that need protecting !

In the event of an IT crash, data loss would have a strong impact on your business and recovery (if possible) could take weeks or even months.

Internet leaves the door open to security threats. It is therefore crucial to protect your business against these attacks !

Megabyte has over 25 years of experience in IT management and offers solutions that fit your needs and infrastructure.

Backup on magnetic tapes (DAT, AIT, DLT, LTO) : What is it exactly ?

An automated backup on magnetic tapes (DAT, AIT, DLT) will help you recover programmes and data in the event of a system failure.

If you need to retain data over a longer period, you should consider finding a reliable and powerful solution that secures your information.

Megabyte suggests using a backup on magnetic tapes. This solution is easy to implement and maintain. It is also the backup technology that has known the fastest evolution in the world.

A backup on magnetic tapes allows for a quick, easy and effective recovery of your programmes and data. This will protect your complete local infrastructure but also all virtual systems.

Magnetic tapes are a reliable backup tool ! A backup solution with magnetic tapes is perfect for SMEs and large companies.

Do you need more information about backup on magnetic tapes ? Do not hesitate !