We have more than 25 years’ experience in IT infrastructure and numerous references in different areas.

Why should you trust us with your IT infrastructure management ?

We offer our customers solutions made to measure, sound advice and a daily follow-up

IT has become an essential part of companies. Over the years, the installation and maintenance have increased in complexity.

We take care of :

– determining your needs : which hardware is useful ? Which specifications does your software require ? Is a cloud solution better for your company than buying hardware ? …

– a quote for the configuration you agreed to

– installing your system, implementing it, support your users

– maintaining your system : problem intervention, hotline, remote maintenance

We also have efficient outsourcing formulas that guarantee the regular presence of one of our experts without any hidden costs.

You can use our expertise : we commit ourselves to you and we accomplish what we promise.

We take care of your IT infrastructure !

Maintenance, administration, management, audit, inventory, renting, leasing, financing …

“Megabyte is the IT infrastructure expert for companies. We take care of all related activities !”

Maintenance of your IT infrastructure :
An uninterrupted service depends most of all on regular maintenance :  servicing, updates, check-ups and repairs.

Administration of your IT infrastructure :
We are specialized in the administration of IT infrastructure. We take care of centralizing and securing your data. We configure the rules, roll-out the software and manage your email service.

Managing your IT infrastructure :
We can take care of managing your IT infrastructure on several levels :
– Manage your IT assets
– Manage licences by evaluating the needs of users and the way they evolve
– Manage networks

IT infrastructure audit :
We can organize an audit of your IT infrastructure based on your specific needs. Some examples :
– Wi-Fi audit (Verification of signal strength in various locations, disturbances, conflicts, Wi-Fi security,  compliance with legislation, …)
– Network security audit (firewall rules, access rights to folders and software, security flaws, data leaks or losses,…)
– Messaging audit (problems with performance, transmission, message loss, reliability, backup analysis,…)

IT infrastructure inventory :
We establish an inventory list of all hardware and software in your company (network layers, technical specifications and localisation of all machines within your company)

Good to know :
We also take care of other IT infrastructure assignments, for example  : Renting IT infrastructure, leasing IT infrastructure, financing IT infrastructure

One single partner for your IT infrastructure maintenance

Megabyte wants to be your unique partner !

One single partner for all your IT infrastructure maintenance ? Megabyte makes it possible !

We help you, advise you and take care of the daily follow-up. We make sure everything runs smoothly and we take care that everybody works in the most efficient way.

We help our customers to see through all the different possibilities that are available, especially regarding :

  • IT material (network infrastructure, IT hardware, cables, telephone switchboards, etc.)
  • Network security (UPS, antivirus, firewall, internal access security, antispam, backup, web control, DRP, security cameras,….)
  • IP telephony & VOIP
  • Data storage (SAN, NAS, DAS, Cloud)

Trust us with your IT infrastructure

Our assets are beneficial to your company !

  • We offer excellent Customer Support and Hotline
  • Our experts know the activities and needs of our customers
  • We have numerous outsourcing solutions
  • Our network partners are amongst the most renowned in this sector : HP, Cisco, Microsoft, VMware and Avaya

Contact us for an audit of your IT infrastructure or for any other inquiries