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  • To reduce the costs
  • Simplify your operations
  • Increase the productivity of your employees (in the office and on the road) and improve customer satisfaction ?

IP telephony is THE solution for your company !

Megabyte is an expert in Voice over IP telephoney / VOIP (PBX)

IP Telephony / VOIP (PBX) for SME and businesses

IP telephony will increase the productivity of your employees and reduce time loss.
  • Your employees are always reachable on their internal number, even if they are out of the office or working from home. The only thing they need is an internet connection
  • Thanks to unified messaging all users can receive their phone calls and fax messages through email.
  • IP telephony gathers all the business tools (telephone, video conference, fax, PC) on one network and therefore through the same protocol.
  • Possibility to integrate other business applications. One example : an incoming call can automatically open a computer file with all the data of the person on the other side of the phone.
  • Every member of the company has an IP telephone and a dedicated phone number. It is very easy for employees to log onto the network with their phone, wherever they are situated.
  • Simplified management and maintenance.

Efficient technology :
It relies on the Internet Protocol which splits the audio and video data into tiny numerical units called ‘packages’. These are then sent to the same network and are reassembled at reception.

This means that a call can be send through the same network that is used to send data within your company, regardless of whether you have a local area network (LAN), an intranet, a Wan-network or even internet.

The advantages of Voice over IP / VOIP (PBX) :

You can dramatically reduce certain communication costs and increase the productivity of your company :
  • Reducing communication costs : Telephone calls go through the network and no longer through traditional telephone channels
  • Saving on maintenance costs
  • Easy wiring and infrastructure
  • Free communication between company locations
  • Reducing transportation costs thanks to conferences and video conferences which also run through the IP protocol

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