Functionalities of Winbooks Virtual Invoice

Encoding is so old school ! Virtual Invoice scans, recognizes and encodes your invoices to your accounting.  Scanned documents can be added to your booking with a simple click.

  • Optical recognition

    Virtual Invoice offers a unique solution by combining « FreeForm » and « Layout based » techniques.
    We guarantee that 99% of all accounting elements on your invoices are recognized by our system.
    Scanning is also enhanced and offers the best image quality for OCR software.

  • Integrated in WINBOOKS

    You can see the scanned invoice and you can book it immediately.

    All recognized zones are automatically transferred in the encoding screen. All accounting validations are operational and you can make adjustments until the data is registered officially.

    Even the most complicated invoices can be integrated in the blink of an eye. We use VI-dictionaries for this purpose.

  • Consultation of scanned documents

    Scanned documents are linked to the booking. Users can consult them with just one click, making it easy to see the official accounting documents.
    This functionality is especially efficient when you are performing an audit, or when you want to consult them remotely.

  • Full text research

    Virtual Invoice allows you to perform different searches based on indexed texts. The programme recognizes the complete text of an invoice.

  • Integrated scanning

    Thanks to integrated scanning, the scanned document is marked and automatically signed with an advanced electronic signature. This guarantees the authenticity and integrity of the scanned document.

    A document scanned with « Integrated Scanning » has the same legal status for the VAT administration and Internal Revenue as the original document.

  • Approval

    Rather than sending out copies of invoices for approval, you can now approve them with a simple mouse click after receiving an email notification.

    The process starts with accounting launching an automatic or manual approval request, based on some predefined rules. All types of approvals are possible, from very simple to extremely sophisticated.

  • Premium recognition

    Accounting elements are recognized for 99%.

    Premium recognition recognizes 100% of accounting elements on an invoice.

    The user scans the invoices and sends them through the Internet to the Premium Recognition server. The service then takes over.

    Once they have been handled, the user receives an email and finalizes the registration by following the accounting steps suggested by WinBooks.

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