BOB-OLE : Link between Sage BOB and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, …)

Analyze your business results and drill-down for detailed data !

BOB-OLE is a solution that helps you link your Sage BOB with Microsoft Office products

(Word and Excel)

By using BOB-OLE, you have a permanent and interactive link with Sage BOB software. Simply use your accounting & analytical data, and check your invoicing and stock.

All these features can be found in your BOB menu and are also directly integrated in Microsoft products.

Analyze your commercial and accounting date by using a dynamic link with Office (especially Excel).

How does it work ?

  • Import your Sage BOB file data. It only takes one click to update your tables.
  • Use your usual Sage BOB functions to extract specific data
  • Your dashboards are updated with one single click
  • You only need to know Excel to use this tool
  • Present your data by using attractive charts
  • Use the same access rights as those you have in Sage BOB
  • Use Word to create mailings and personalized letters
  • Add common functions (sum, average, percentage, …) to your data : accounting, financial, commercial, …
  • Group data from multiple Sage BOB files on one single page

Creating financial dashboards is a piece of cake  ! They are updated automatically …

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