Sage Bob FiSta : Software for the submission of annual accounts at the NBB (Belgium) & eCDF (Luxemburg).

Sage Fista is an easy and efficient tool which allows 100% reliable submissions at the NBB and the eCDF.

Easy to use : Sage Fista is easy to use, ergonomic and intuitive. The tree structure gives a clear overview of the different parts of the annual accounts.

Reliable results : Your submissions at the NBB & eCDF are 100% reliable. The Sage Fista assistant checks if you respect the necessary NBB & eCDF controls.

Easy analysis  : Simply analyse your results. With one click you can compare the present situation with the previous one. Export your data to Excel, eCDF or NBB.

  • Unlimited number of situations per file
  • Establishing intermediate situations
  • Draft and submission of abbreviated or completed schemes, ASBL, ….
  • Consolidation of businesses in a group, based on a distribution percentage
  • Comparison of 8 different situations
  • Verification of all controls by the National Bank (standard, complementary and social balance sheet)
  • Checking the figures to be sure of submitting data that is 100% correct
  • Possible to make an amended situation
  • Your annual accounts controlled with regard to accounting and company law
  • Import of data from previous periods
  • Import in text format of balances coming from all kinds of accounting software
  • Drafting  of corrections and allocations for miscellaneous transactions,  and transfer to accounts
  • Submit in paper format or electronically
  • Print previews
  • Send electronically : pdf, email,… or via Isabel
  • Export results directly in Excel

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